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January 01, 1998


Baby Dragons and King Cobras

The last time around, we told ya'll that we are all under the influence. Be it God, money, the media, whatever, each of us has a certain amount of things we let become factors on the decisions we make in our lives. This time, I'm telling you that we are all born as baby dragons in this world. Few grow to become the king cobra, or one of the elite who instead of remaining under the influence, a person who has complete control of themselves and the choices they make day to day. Being or remaining a baby dragon is not always bad, many just lack the inner strength to raise themselves to the next level of mental and spiritual maturity. Sometimes it is negative, as is the case with many so called "ballers" and "players" who think in their mind they are king cobras but in reality lack the vision to exist as one. Likewise, being a king cobra is not always about money, or power, or supremacy in any aspect of life or more as reaching a realization of self and where you want to be at in life and taking the steps to reach this spot. A true king cobra recognizes that one does not stop learning until one stops existing and seeks to soak their brain in all of this planet's knowledge. On the same token, a king cobra is one who can separate self from all that is worldly and still maintain happiness. This is the reason why I believe king cobras seldom proclaim themselves, but rather let outside observers define the person as a king cobra in hushed conversations or subconscious thoughts. The concept of baby dragons and king cobras is just words that I have given to an idea in the back of everyone's minds. Am I a king cobra? Not yet. Are you? Maybe so.

Executive Producers: Kyle Adams & Nathan Hodge

Produced by Kyle Adams except where noted

All tracks written by Shaolin

Album concept and ideas are the result of thought processes while under the influence of sticky-icky, alcohol, and life

Copyright 1998 and beyond by Acropolis Entertainment and The 36 Paths Dynasty

Cover Design by Scott Wilburn